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Randy Halprin
 "We tend to see a person in the moment, not as the journey they travelled to get here."  Kat Lehmann

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Who are The Friends of Randy Halprin?

We  are a group of 61 people (with many more behind the scenes) from the UK, Europe, New Zealand, the US and Canada, who fight for Randy. We are not activists but we have come together as advocates for Randy who is our loved one.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not agree with the death penalty under ANY circumstances! We do not give ourselves the label of 'activist', but that does not mean we can't raise our voices against the death penalty. Every single voice matters, even if it feels we're sometimes standing alone. We completely understand that social media and 'groups' can be very overwhelming, and we have therefore made our website a safe place to be to discuss, debate, and work together peacefully and cohesively.

Speaking out against the death penalty, is speaking out for all, regardless of crime, guilt or innocence. For many years this website has been run by various people, for Randy, and for his work to be made known. It does NOT mean that we view other inmates on death row anywhere as any less valid.

It can be challenging when we come across those who misinterpret our intentions, and who feel the need to tear down the work of others, for whatever reason. We respect the work of everyone who fights against the death penalty, regardless of who they particularly fight for, or whether they fight in general. We do not judge anyone for what they do or don't do, and we do not try to shame anyone else for the amount they do, however small - it ALL counts, and we all have very different personal circumstances...Kindness and encouragement helps! We acknowledge and respect what everyone does to further the cause of abolition, and hold ALL who fight in whatever groups, in the highest esteem.

The  work we do here on our website has evolved from being simply the outlet for Randy's excellent writing, to become a place where people can learn  about what life is like on death row, and how the death penalty works  in Texas. In our 'Life on Death Row' and 'Artwork' sections, we have included writings and paintings/drawings by a number of inmates, and we hope to bring you more in the near future. We have put a lot of work into the content of this website, and we hope you will take a good look around and feel inspired to become involved, whether here and/or with any of the other excellent anti-death penalty groups there are in existence.

We sincerely appreciate the amazing hard work and dedication of everyone who has joined us in the last two years, and we are so proud of the community we have built via this website! More recently it has become our principal 'social media' where we gather, discuss, and plan the work we need to do, and we are open to all who wish to add their voice to our fight for Randy, and to speak out against the death penalty at the same time - for more information, please contact us via email: friendsofrandyhalprin@gmail.com.

We will no longer be active on Twitter. However, we are not discouraged in the fight, and we thank all of our members who work tirelessly for many on death rows all over the US. They do so without the need for praise and/or acknowledgement, and deserve our respect and support. Thank you all!  

Finally, Catherine  is the 'Webmaster' who keeps this website looking great, keeping the content fresh, and adding Randy's work as and when it comes to us. We are guided by Randy's lawyers and we ensure that everything we  post here about Randy and his case is 100% true and accurate.

Thank you for your continuing kindness, support, and hard work in fighting for Randy, and for all of the condemned on death rows everywhere.


The friends of Randy E. Halprin
Persons responsible for content and posting:

The Webmaster (Catherine) is responsible for the posting of all content on this website.

ALL  content posted under the tab headings 'Welcome,' 'Law of Parties,'  'About Us,' 'Life On Death Row' (with the exception of any writings or  artwork submitted by Randy Ethan Halprin or other death row inmates, and  any captions that accompany 'Picture Tour' pictures, which were written by Randy Ethan Halprin) 'Randy's Case,' 'Campaign,' 'Achievements,' and  the posting of any links or information under 'News,' was written by  the Webmaster, and any enquiries or comments relating thereto should be  addressed to the Webmaster at friendsofrandyhalprin@gmail.com.

ALL  content posted under 'New Journals,' 'Journals,' 'Memoirs,'  'Poems/Lyrics,' and published writing work under 'Achievements,' are the  sole thoughts, experiences, and words of Randy Ethan Halprin.

PLEASE NOTE: We  realise that the subject of the death penalty will always incite strong feelings and opinions; however, we ask that any messages to us are peaceful and polite, and free from profanities.

We will NOT engage in abusive conversations, and we WILL report ALL threats and/or abuse to relevant authorities.

Source for Polunsky Unit images:

Yolanda Torres @ https://plus.google.com/109984949692524882848

Sources for Pictures attached to the Memoir, 'Falling Down'

The sources for these images have all been cited in the content of the Memoirs section.

Any original content on this site may NOT  be - unless by prior written arrangement - copied, transferred or saved,  without the authorisation of Randy Ethan Halprin, and/or the Webmaster. We ask that people please respect that Randy's original writing work  is his property, and should be respected as such.

External Links:
We  check all links regularly, but we cannot assume any liability for the  content of external websites. The owners of any external website are  exclusively responsible for the content therein.  

Disclaimer Notice:

The  information contained in this website is updated regularly, and we  endeavour to keep you updated regarding any changes in the content we  post. However, we cannot be held responsible for any change in the  content of external websites we mention anywhere on this website.

Writing to Randy:

Over  the many years Randy has spent on Death Row, he has dedicated himself  to becoming a better person. He has demonstrated that he has grown, and  learned a lot along the way. It's never too late to change!

On  death row, you can never have too many friends, and the negativity that  is often magnified in such an environment, can be eased by the regular  communication the inmates have with friends and loved ones. Randy  delights in his friendships, and together with his writing work and his  desire to help others when and where he can, he fills his days  positively and productively.

You can write to Randy at the following address:

Randy E Halprin
Polunsky Unit Death Row
3872 FM 350 South

Thank you!

The Friends of Randy E. Halprin

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