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"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending" C.S. Lewis
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Latest news articles on Randy's Case

The following are just some of the many articles that were published at the time of the Judge's ruling on Randy's hearing on 12th October, 2021:

A Jewish man was sentenced to death by an antisemitic judge, court finds. Now, he could get a second chance.

Randy Halprin, Jewish Death Row Inmate, Could Get New Trial After Anti-Semitism Claims.

Texas Seven escapee deserves a new trial, judge says.

A Jewish death row inmate may get a new trial after a Texas court ruled the sentencing judge was antisemitic.

The following articles were published at the time of Randy's hearing in Dallas on 14th July:

Randy  Halprin is one of two men left waiting on death row. His attorneys  say  the judge who sentenced him for the 2000 murder of an Irving  officer  was biased and prejudiced the jury against him.

Randy Halprin is on death row for killing Irving police Officer Aubrey Hawkins on Christmas Eve 2000.

The following articles were published at the time of Randy's denial at the Supreme Court on 6th April, 2020:

When reading the following articles, it's important  to note that whilst the word 'denial' can often read like 'defeat',  Randy's case is very  much on-going, and is still under review at the Trial Court.

The  option of returning to the Supreme Court, depending on the outcome of  the review of Randy's case, is also still very much open to us.

The  Supreme Court has declined to take up the case of a Texas death row  inmate who asked for a new trial because he believed the judge who  presided over his case was antisemitic.

The  U.S. Supreme Court has decided not to hear the case of a member of  the  Texas Seven who accused the judge who sentenced him to death row of   bigotry.

The following news stories were published when Randy received his stay on 4th October, 2019:

No  reasonable judicial  system can tolerate the results of a trial by a  judge who has been outed publicly as a raving anti-Semite and a  virulent bigot.

Very special thanks to Rebecca Pierce and Isaac Brosilow, of Jewish Currents, for this excellent and insightful article An Antisemitic Judge, a White Supremacist System.

A former Dallas judge reportedly expressed anti-Semitic sentiment while presiding over the death-penalty trial of Randy Halprin.

American  Jewish Committee (AJC) welcomed the Texas Court of Criminal  Appeals  decision to stay the execution of Randy Halprin. The court  remanded the  case to a Dallas County court to review the allegations  that the judge  who had sentenced Halprin to death was biased against  Jews and other  minorities.

Last week, more than 100 Jewish  attorneys in Texas, the  American Jewish Committee, and the Religious  Action Center of Reform  Judaism filed an amicus brief with the Texas  Court of Criminal Appeals  (CCA) in support of a new trial for Randy  Halprin.  Halprin’s 2003 trial  was tainted by the anti-Semitic bias of  Dallas Judge Vickers  Cunningham.

On the stand for his capital murder trial, Randy Halprin stressed that while he did carry a gun with him after escaping a Texas prison...

Mr. Halprin was referred to as a “f****n’ Jew” and a “G*****n  k**e,” Halprin’s attorney, Tivon Schardl, said in a statement.

A   member of the “Texas Seven” received the stay after the judge was   accused of using racist and anti-Semitic language about the defendants.

Randy Halprin, 41, had been set to be executed on Oct. 10 over his role in the 'Texas 7' group

Halprin's  lawyers had requested the  stay amid allegations that the judge who  handled his case made racist  and anti-Semitic comments during his time  on the bench.

Jewish  inmate Randy Halprin, convicted of  killing police officer in 2000,  wins reprieve less than a week before  his scheduled death.

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