Dear Journal Readers - Randy Halprin

Randy Halprin
 Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. The best is yet to come.”
Zig Ziglar
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Dear Journal Reader,


I  was sentenced to death on June 12th, 2003, at the age of 25. My first  journal entry was made in August 2005, and I was just 27 years old.  During those first two years, I was going through a lot of emotional  turmoil; I had no real sense of self, or how I had come to find myself  in the place I was. I had reached rock bottom in the past, but never  really managed to climb back up; every attempt I made to grab at a rock  just lead to a mis-step, and I would tumble back down again. But still I focused on going forward, rock by rock, and day by day.  

I've  always been a writer, but I had never used it as a tool to look  inwardly until one of my closest friends suggested I begin to keep a  journal. I would send my entries to him as a means of release, but the  more I shared with him, the more convinced he was that I should share  them with a wider audience. At first he published them on his own  website, and there was such a positive response that it lead to the  first edition of my own website.  

Over  the years, my website has been through several pairs of hands. As a  result, some journal entries have been lost, and there are gaps; but  I've done my best to continue to add updates and new journals regularly,  and to continue to examine myself, my life, and to share my thoughts.  

I've  been through a lot over the many years I've spent on death row; I've  had some setbacks and I've faltered...However, I believe that my basic  humanity has blossomed and grown, and the person I've discovered I truly  am, is a decent and loving one.

I  hope you will take the time to read my writings, learn about me and the  many other decent human beings on death row, reserving your judgement  until you've read everything. I like to tell people that "life isn't a  lesson in futility"...If we can own up to our mistakes and shortcomings  and learn from them, maybe even teach others how to discover their own humanity, then no mis-step in that climb back up from rock bottom is a  waste.

Some  names have been changed to protect identities in some of my writings,  and whilst memory can often be misleading, the events I remember and  write about are true as I remember them. is my life...Warts and all!


Randy Ethan Halprin

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