For Taffy - Randy Halprin

Randy Halprin
The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”   Ralph Waldo Emerson
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(by Randy E. Halprin)

There you were -
hidden in plain sight
You came to me when I needed you most
Came to me when it was right
I felt like I was letting go
But you grabbed my hand -
took a hold
Kept me from falling from the edge

I am still falling
But this time,
falling into you
Falling slowly
Into an endless night sky
Swimming in reflective puddles
That are your eyes.

I'll dry your tears
If you'll dry mine too
Kiss my lips
So sticky sweet
I'll never let go of you.

(by Randy E. Halprin)

Like a bug
Snug in a rug
I'm giving you
the warmest hug
and like a dream
you fill me lighter
than air
So much that I really
don't care
If I never come down
If I never touch the ground
cause your love
makes me high again
makes me smile again
I'm so deep in love with you
I'm holding you tight
Never want to lose sight
of what matters the most
Yeah, I get silly
Go all willy nilly
and at times can't make sense
of anything at all
But I love it
I love to fall -
Fall in love with you
all over and over and over
and over
You  make me silly
Like a bug
all snug in a rug.

(By Randy E. Halprin)

Loving you is the only way to be
Staring in your beautiful eyes make it easy to
And when you sleep
Well, you're all I dream

Loving you is all there is for me
And I know I don't always get it right
I struggle. I fumble
But I try

A day without you is a day without air
Daydreaming our yesteryear  
My face in your hair
Your courage. Your strength
Your heart and your tears
Make it all too easy to love you
To not get lost in my own fears

And I know I don't always say it right
I stumble. I mumble
But you can't say I don't try

A night without you is a sky with no stars
Daydreaming for eternity
Swallowed up in your heart
Loving you is the only way for me
It's the only path I see
When I'm awake
When I'm asleep
You make it so easy

- A Song -
(by Randy E. Halprin)

Sometimes I feel so broken inside
I try not to show my tears
Inside of fear I hide
All of the pain, all of the years
All of the broken dreams
and scares
But I'm trying to show you
Show you in actions
Not in words
and I know my mouth sometimes gets in the way
I get ahead of my heart
Ahead of my brain
I think often of the stupid things I say,
I wish I could go back and change
It all for you
Take it all away
From you
All the messed up things
I threw at you
And I could lose anything
Anything but you
I could lose anything
Anything but you
I'm down on my hands and knees
For you
I would do anything
For you
I just don't want to lose
The most important thing that matters:

(by Randy E. Halprin)

Today is full of hope
It's as high as the sky
Anything is possible
If I can get it right
And I know I'll try
I'll try and try
Yeah, I can get it right
This time...

The sun is shining bright today
I'm sailing in the blue
And there's nothing in the world
That could ever undo
These feelings of all I want
And hope
And wish
And dream
I can get it right this time
I'll let the whole world see

My life is full of possibilities
I have no choice but to believe
My life is full of endless hope
And possibility

(by Randy E. Halprin)

A winter's breeze
Ice cold words
and an ice cold truth
that brings me to my knees
The sky is charcoal grey
And I've lost the words to say
Or how to explain everything in my heart
I give it all back to the universe
As the air has the tightest grip on me
And your words, well they always dig bone deep
Because they have the tightest grip on me
And I feel like such a fool
For not being able to see
What I said
What I did
What I've done
How I changed
And what I've become
I can't believe I couldn't see
That I lost my grip on reality

(by Randy E. Halprin)

Blue sky-
Blue sky,
Blue sky-
Blue sky

The sun is shining bright
Everything we have now, feels so right.

Fly high-
Fly high,
Fly high-
Fly high

Spread our wings to kiss the sky
Like two love birds
Singing from the heart
Nothing can touch us now
Nothing could ever tear us apart

They can try to clip our wings
But these birds will always sing
And these birds will always dream
There's no space, no distance in between

The sky is open wide
The sky is never ending
Never ending
Never ending  

Blue sky-
Blue sky,
Blue sky-
Blue sky

These two love birds are always dreaming

(by Randy E. Halprin)

Take my hand
As we dance along
to this
Cinematic Love Song
Can you see the sun
Rising high above
The horizon
Do you have your eyes on?
Can you hear my heart beating
To this
Cinematic Love Song?
And in your face
I see
What all lovers want to be
And in your eyes
I can see
A perfect dream
What lovers should
Dream to be
Take my hand
As we dance along
You are my
Cinematic Love Song

(by Randy E. Halprin)

There's nothing I wouldn't say
There's nothing that I wouldn't do
I'd bend the universe
In every which way
I'd do this all to be with you

There's nothing that I wouldn't give
There's nothing that I wouldn't prove
I'd cast a spell out into the bright blue world
I'd do this all to see it through

(And if the dark clouds come...
And the world should end
I'll hold onto you tighter
Repeat and start again)

There's nothing that I wouldn't try
There's nothing that I wouldn't do
I'd pray, hope, wish, sing and dance
I'd sell my soul to be with you

(And if the rain should pour...
And the floods should bring an end
I'll just hold your hand tighter
Repeat and start again
Repeat and start again
Repeat and start again)

(by Randy E. Halprin)

Swimming in an endless sea of blue
The wind whisps around my body
As I dream of you
Counting the endless stars at night
Swallowed by the moon
Aching to my very bones
Yeah, I am aching for you
So many times I've fallen
So many times I've died
And lay awake in another fiction
Waiting for my tears to dry

(And I'll pray to the heavens
I'll pray to all the Gods
If it brings you here to me
If it puts you in my arms)

You don't know the power you have
The power over me
I've fallen at just one kiss
I've fallen to my knees
The sky has ripped wide open
Poured its pain on me
But cleansed my heart and soul with love
Bathed me in your beauty

(And I'll pray to the heavens
I'll pray to all the Gods
If it means you stay with me
I promise – we'll beat the odds)

I don't want another fiction -
I don't want a fairy tale
Don't need another addiction -
or a story to tell

I just want you here with me
Asleep in my loving arms
I'll pray to all the heavens
I swear, we'll beat the odds

(by Randy E. Halprin)

There's nothing much
I can say to you
I want you
I need you
You haunt me
I love you

Distance makes the heat grow fonder
But alone I sit
Alone I ponder
How much I...
Want you
I need you
I love you
You are my muse

My heart is breaking
My body aching
And it might not sound like much
But I'm here for the taking
I don't have a lot to give
But that's not a reason for our love not
to live

There's nothing much
I can say to you
You're everything
I will always need

(by Randy E. Halprin)

Staring at the ceiling
I was daydreaming
Of a time that I wish could be.

Holding you close
Watching you sleep
Listening to the cool autumn breeze.

Hold me, just hold me...
I want to hear the stories you once told of
Children playing, trees swaying
To and fro.

And you, my love -
not perfect, but perfect for me
For you, my love -
I'll crawl on hands and knees.

Hold me, just hold me...
In this silence let's be
Hold me, just hold me,
In silence
In eternity...

(by Randy E. Halprin)

It's a miserable day
And that's okay,
the sun will shine again.

It's a miserable day
But hey,
I say let us embrace the grey...
The barren trees
The cold dark sky
The magic in our breath
As we cling tightly together

Because if being miserable means
Being closer to you
I'll take that over
Any day.

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