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Randy Halprin
 "We tend to see a person in the moment, not as the journey they travelled to get here."  Kat Lehmann

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In this section you will find details of how you can get involved in our campaign to save Randy's life.

Please scroll down where you will find a sample letter of commutation which you can forward to Governor Abbott, in your own name. You can also help by sharing the letter on social media, and encouraging others to write to the Governor too.

We have also activated an online Petition for Randy which you can sign here:

Please feel free to use our campaign posters we have added below, for sharing on social media etc. We will be adding more regularly.

We hope you will come back and visit soon for more ways you can help us with our campaign.

Many thanks!

The Friends and Supporters of Randy E. Halprin

Letter to Governor Abbott requesting commutation/clemency

We have been working on pushing for commutation/clemency for Randy (the same consideration for commutation/clemency should be given to Patrick Murphy) and we have come up with the following letter which we are asking you all to write and forward to Governor Abbott.

We feel that the Governor should use his power and take a step forward to stop the execution of those who the State know did not kill anyone, and who did not plan, intend or anticipate the death of someone. Even if you are a supporter of the death penalty, the execution of those who are known to be innocent by the State and the Courts, cannot sit comfortably on the conscience.

Please forward the letter to the Governor, share on social media, and urge as many people as you can to forward the letter as well.

You can also use our poster to share on social media, and to keep up the pressure on the Governor - we have added the poster below the letter.

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Honorable Governor Greg Abbott
The Governor of Texas
PO Box 12428
Austin, Texas 78711-2428  

Dear Governor Abbott,  

Request To Commute The Death Sentence Of Randy Ethan Halprin

On 22nd February, 2018, you commuted the sentence of Thomas Whitaker, and this was very welcome news.  

Since that date I have felt you set a precedent in Law of Parties cases which begs the question: "Why is one human life more worthy of being spared, than the next?" Thomas Whitaker did not kill, but he did plan the murder of his family members. Right now on death watch, you have two men who you know did not kill, nor did they plan, intend or foresee a murder. One of those men is Randy Halprin.

For 16 years Randy has resided on Texas death row knowing he never killed anyone, and knowing the evidence is there to support his innocence. Both he and his loved ones have waited whilst his appeals have worked their way through the Courts, putting their hope and faith in the system and in the truth that he is not a killer. Governor Abbott, you are part of this system, and you have the power to make the wrongs in all of this 'right'. You have the power to commute Randy's death sentence, and save his life.   

The tragic death of Officer Hawkins is always on our minds, and over the years Randy has expressed the most deepest regret for the loss of this life. However, he did not shoot or take part in the Officer's murder, and his life should be spared. Randy's life is equal in value to the life you mercifully spared back in February 2018.  

I hope and pray you will move to commute Randy's sentence, and continue to make positive and progressive steps towards clemency for others.   

Yours sincerely,  
[Your Name]

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