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 "We tend to see a person in the moment, not as the journey they travelled to get here."  Kat Lehmann

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23rd May, 2020

New Journals

We've posted new journal entries for 6th and 7th May.

You can read all new entries here

Many thanks for your continuing kindness and support!

The friends of Randy Halprin
23rd May, 2020

We've added some more artwork by DR inmates, to our 'Artwork' section. You can view them here:

We would also like to thank all of the new people who have come forward to write letters regarding the two-way Jpays - it's very moving to see so many people who feel that this is a worthwhile issue, come forward and try to change things. Your input is very valuable and much appreciated. We will inform everyone via email if/when we receive any responses.

On the content we posted about Death Watch - the feedback we've had has been overwhelming! It has taken us some time to read and respond to the numerous emails we've received, and we thank everyone for their patience. We're also delighted to inform you all that we've had some media interest which we're very happy about, and we'll update later if/when we have more to share.

Many, many thanks to each and every one of you who have worked so hard with us on a number of things. Your voices all matter, and are very much appreciated!

The friends of Randy E. Halprin

17th May, 2020

New Journals

We've posted a new journal entry for 19th April.

You can read all new entries here

Many thanks for your continuing kindness and support!

The friends of Randy Halprin
16th May, 2020

New Journals

We've posted 2 new journal entries today:

April 28th
April 30th

You can read all of the new entries here

Many thanks for your continuing kindness and support!

The friends of Randy Halprin

16th May, 2020

We would like to thank all of you who contacted us with regard to the 'Two-Way JPays' letters....We will respond to each and every one in the next 2-3 days, and give you details of who you need to write to. We're delighted that you all think this is a worthwhile issue to raise, and we'll keep you posted on everything.

As always, you can find us on

Be safe and well!

The friends of Randy E. Halprin

10th May, 2020

New Journals

We've posted 4 new journal entries today:

14th April
15th April
1st May
3rd May

Due to the extremely slow running mail, we have some gaps in entries - we will post these as soon as we receive them. You can read all of the new entries here

Many thanks for your continuing kindness and support!

The friends of Randy Halprin

4th May, 2020

What happens when they take you to Death Watch?

Randy wrote a piece about what happens when they take you to death watch, and the importance of helping your loved one who is facing execution, to be prepared as much as possible. The paperwork alone can be overwhelming; and with the entire process being so cold and clinical, it's extremely distressing to sit in that office with the Captain and discuss the process of your death.

We've also attached the document they hand to the prisoner before they take them to death watch, and we hope this can inform as many people as possible about the death penalty and how it's administered.

Thank you for reading, and many thanks for your kindness, and continuing support.

The friends of Randy E. Halprin

4th May, 2020

The Argument for Two-Way Jpays

In these worrying times for prisoners and their families, we've been discussing the need for Texas to allow two-way JPays. Please visit here for more information.

Thank you for your interest!

The friends of Randy E. Halprin

3rd May, 2020

We received one of Randy's journal entries - 26th April - via one of our US friends, late last night.

"On Wednesday night they passed out inmate made masks for every prisoner. It's a good thing they're doing this, but man...they are so difficult to breathe through! They're made out of a thick material – part sheet and part jumper-like-material - and we're required to wear them when we leave our cells whether for a shower, a phone call, medical, recreation etc. I have no complaint about that, but I just wish they were easier to breathe through."

You can read the full entry here

We thank you all for your continuing support, and we will continue to bring you updates as soon as we can.

The friends of Randy E. Halprin

3rd May, 2020

We have posted two new poems, written by Randy. You can find them here...

We thank you for your continuing interest and support of Randy's work.

The friends of Randy E. Halprin
2nd May, 2020

To everyone reaching out to us about the situation on Polunsky Unit, and in particular the lawsuit by a group of inmates: we are so sorry we cannot provide you with any more information. There are groups on Facebook and on Twitter who may be able to help you, and may know more up to date information than we do.

In Randy's journal of 12th April, he spoke of the clean up crews who were cleaning and mopping, and spraying everywhere regularly, but that was 3 weeks ago and anything could have changed in that time. Unfortunately, the mail runs so slow even in normal times, and we regret we are unable to bring you more up to date news.

With Polunsky being locked down right now, it's likely that the 5 minute telephone calls will also be cancelled, but please check with other groups about that to be absolutely certain.

As always, we will share any news we become aware of, but with the slow running mail, we will have to be patient. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to us if we can help you in any way, and thank you for all of your well wishes and prayers for Randy.

We are working through all of our emails, and will answer each one as soon as we can. We will continue to post regular annoucements as and when we have any news, and you can find those here Please check back with us regularly.

Many thanks, and please stay safe and well.

The friends of Randy E. Halprin

2nd May, 2020

Thank you for all of the cards, emails and well wishes for Randy, and for your prayers for everyone on Polunsky Unit at this very worrying time. We will answer everything in the coming week.

Take care, stay safe and well, and remember...

Courage, strength, hope and faith!

The friends of Randy E. Halprin

30th April, 2020

We were informed yesterday that Polunsky Unit has been locked down. It's believed that a few guards have tested positive for COVID-19. In recent letters from Randy, he told us of a couple of instances where guards have come to work coughing, and were clearly sick. They were sent home on the same day, but only after they were there for a few hours.  

Naturally, as family members and friends of a loved one on Polunsky Unit, we are terrified...We ask for prayers for Randy, and everyone on Polunsky Unit, that they will remain safe and well.  

Thank you.  

The friends of Randy E. Halprin

29th April, 2020


The last few days have been very sad for us...We made a very difficult decision to leave Twitter, as it was becoming a very toxic environment, and where we were experiencing social exclusion.

Social exclusion is a form of bullying. It's often so subtle that it goes unnoticed by others, even though it tends to take place publicly, on social media in particular. An alarming but not altogether surprising fact about social exclusion is that it tends to be carried out by girls/women. Others join in, posts are made in such a way as to appear 'regular', but are manipulated to gain the desired affect and to cause hurt and/or offence to the person being excluded.

Perpetrators of social exclusion are not much different to physical bullies in that their aggression drives them and spurs them on. If they have the support of other people in the group, this will also feed them. They will continue their campaign to humiliate their target under the guise of just being 'normal' unless their target removes themselves from their power.

The perpetrator seeks to ridicule the excluded person in front of unsuspecting others, and the excluded person very quickly feels isolated...Social exclusion also causes emotional trauma and stress, and the perpetrator(s) thrive on the power they accumulate over time. Other people may wish to support the excluded person, but are often concerned about their own position in the group, so nobody speaks up. It can be a very debilitating experience for the person who is excluded, making it impossible to operate under such circumstances.

Social exclusion is difficult enough when you are in the free world, but at least if we find ourselves in that position we can walk away, leave social media etc. But when it's done to a more vulnerable member of society, like someone on death row or in prison, then it becomes a much more insidious thing - if you purport to be for or against something, then your cause will not be bettered by excluding someone from the very group you say you fight for.

If you misunderstand something that someone has said or done, why not talk it out? If you are the person being excluded, take time to properly examine the behaviour and make sure you are certain of what is going on...Often, people are excluded because they have said or done something that has unintentionally upset or disgruntled other people in the group you feel excluded from. Just remember, our opinions and attitudes cannot always be the same, but we can at least try to foster understanding and respect. All human beings are capable of this, but sometimes, the situation may become too intense and the only option is to take yourself out of it.

Nothing can or will ever change if, instead of talking to one another in a non-confrontational way, we act out to hurt someone publicly...There's enough vengeance and thirst for revenge in the world, especially dealing with the death row world, so why not make the change? At least offer the chance for a meeting of minds?

We cannot all be the same person, but we are intellectually evolved human beings who can respectfully disagree without degrading each other. Why be publicly hurtful to anyone, in any walk of life or social group, when you could have a conversation instead?

Below, we have posted a number of links to articles on bullying/social exclusion. Please note that these articles do not take the place of help or advice, and if you are experiencing bullying in any form, talk to someone before it gets out of hand, and seek help where needed.

We continue to fight for Randy, and we will NOT remain silent about bullying in ANY shape or form.

The friends of Randy Halprin

"We have always known that being left out of things on purpose can be painful. Now science is beginning to prove it. Feeling deliberately excluded causes the same sensation in a pain centre of the brain as an actual physical injury. This is why we find being suddenly made to feel left out as a ‘punishing blow’. Bullies know this too. That’s why they do it. It hurts."

"Social exclusion occurs not only with children but adults as well,  especially on social media, in the neighborhoods, in schools and  workplaces. The sad reality is that where ever it’s done it still hurts  anyways. It continues to cause individuals and families emotional trauma  and stress. We have always known that being left out of things on  purpose can cause hurt."

"If you decide to let it go, then do just that. Find a place of serenity  inside yourself and make it clear to yourself that you will not allow  multiple acts of ostracism or bullying, but you are willing to put the  incident behind you to move on with your life."

"As our father has always taught us, ‘if you see it, so does everyone else’."

"While being left out can sometimes feel like a “group attack”, the experience of social exclusion is more frequently the product of a single person’s determination in making you feel bad. As hard as it may be to believe that someone who has succeeded in making you feel small on numerous occasions is acting based on their own insecurities, this is often true of bullies."

29th April, 2020

Sadly, we have had to make the very difficult decision to leave Twitter...The world of death row, and much of what it attracts, is often littered with very different and clashing personalities, and differences of opinion that cannot be rectified. We therefore took the decision to leave, and not be involved any further.

That said, we are ALWAYS fighting for Randy, and helping others where and when we can. For more information, please visit

We thank you with all of our hearts for continuing to support us in our fight, and we wish every single person we have left behind on Twitter, the very best of luck in their own causes.

The friends of Randy E. Halprin

13th April, 2020 - Phone Calls

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the TDCJ are allowing inmates to make 5 minute phone calls in lieu of visits. We've noticed there's a lot of confusion surrounding phone calls from death row, and who can receive them etc, and we'd like to share our experience with the current phone call situation and what you need to do to be eligible. Please note that we are in no way trying to say that these are 'the rules'...It's simply our experience, and we're sharing it to help you.

Firstly, Randy chooses to make his calls to someone on his visitation list, but we are unsure as to whether or not this is a 'rule'. If you are outside of the US you will need to acquire a US number. You can do this by downloading the Skype App, and choosing 'US' as your number. Once you've done that you will pay a monthly subscription (we believe it's around £5.16 per month in the UK) and you're good to go!

Please note that the calls from Polunsky Unit are usually made quite late in the evening, local time. Randy's calls have ranged from between 7.30pm to 10pm, local time - so be prepared, especially if you are in the UK or Europe where you will be 6-7 hours ahead of local time.

There is also confusion about who pays for the calls...Again, we can only tell you our experience, and that is we pay for the cost of the call at our end via the Skype App. This most likely varies whether you are inside or outside of the US, and even what State you are in. Furthermore, we've had calls where the number comes up 'unknown' on the screen, and on one occasion the number was visible. So, it's all down to individual experience.

It seems to depend on the day/the guards etc as to how many attempts the inmate will be allowed to have when making the call. One of the guards will dial the number, so please make sure you have given the correct number to your loved one. The Skype App does not allow many rings, so you have to be quick! We've seen posts where some say the rule is one attempt, and others say more than one attempt - everyone's experience seems different, but the one thing we would advise is to be quick to answer the call, just in case a second attempt is not allowed.

One very important point to note is that the calls will be on hand free/loudspeaker, with several guards also present. It's therefore important to remain polite and respectful throughout the duration of the call.

We hope this helps you, and please contact us if you need any further help with getting set up for your call.

The Friends of Randy E. Halprin

11th April, 2020

We would like to thank each and every one of you who has sent an email to us in the last few days...We promise to respond to you as soon as we can, and we are so grateful to you all for your support and encouragement.

Please stay safe and well!

The Friends of Randy E. Halprin

Update 6th April, 2020

The Supreme Court today declined to hear Randy’s current appeal. However, Justice Sotomayor wrote a very favourable opinion concerning Randy's case. You can read the document here:

Randy's lawyers have also made the following press release:

As our regular visitors are aware, Randy's case is currently under review at the Texas State Court, and we continue to wait for their decision. Justice Sotomayor wrote a favourable review, and today's decision is not bad news by any means.

We will continue to update when we have more to share. In the meantime, you can read some of the news stories regarding the Supreme Court's decision, in our 'News' section here

For all regular updates, please continue to visit us here on our website. You can also get in touch with us via email:

We would like to reiterate that the news today is NOT bad news! We are being made aware of posts on social media where the news today is being misunderstood...We would advise people check here on our website, for all accurate announcements.

We thank you for your continuing support.

The Friends of Randy E. Halprin

Update from Randy, 14th January, 2020

As many returning visitors to my site (and those properly familiar with my case) will know, my case took an entirely new turn in May of 2019 and  is currently under review at the trial court. This is due to the sheer hard work and dedication of my attorneys in carrying out a very extensive and diligent investigation into the Judge who presided over my case.

I  received a Stay from the Texas CCA on 4th October, 2019, on the basis  of what my attorneys uncovered, and this will remain the primary focus until my case has been reviewed.

At this time, the Law Of Parties* is not the leading factor in my case.

As  I've said in a recent journal entry, a lot of misinformation about my  case has done the rounds on social media...If you don't read it here on my website, or from the official Friends of Randy Halprin social media  accounts, then take it with a grain of salt.

Misinformation can be damaging to a person's case, please always check facts before posting.

Thank you.

Randy E. Halprin

*Please visit our 'Law Of Parties' section for more information on this law, and the importance of knowing the difference between the two codes.

Statement following Randy's Stay of Execution on 4th October, 2019

Randy has always been open and candid in his accounts of everything that has happened in his life, and about his crimes. and this is evident in his journals over the years. There are also memoirs here on this site that tell the story of Randy's downfall, and how he came to be where he is today.

We realise that it's human nature to quickly judge and condemn a person without any real facts, and base our opinions on inaccurate accounts in newspapers...We ask only that people reserve judgement until they have read Randy's story and considered the fact that he is NOT the same person he was when he committed his first crime. He has owned every single one of his mistakes, actions, and crimes, and could easily have chosen to not talk about any of it. Instead, he has shared his story so that others might learn before it's too late in their own lives.

Randy has NEVER killed anyone, either before, during, or after his escape from prison, and has always been deeply remorseful of everything he has done. He actively wants to give back, to help, to support, and to encourage others to get the help they need when they need it, and to not fall down in their life as he did.

We are also aware that there are several false stories in Randy's case, making their way around social media. Firstly, as we've already stated above, and is evident from the content on this website (which has been thoroughly fact checked and is supported by existing evidence) Randy has NEVER killed anyone...The State of Texas have conceded this point in their own court filings in Randy's appeals, stating, "There is no physical evidence that points to Halprin as a shooter." Even at the time of Randy's recapture in Colorado, they knew he hadn't killed anyone.

Secondly, Randy was sent to death row under the Texas Law Of Parties which means he only had to 'be there' when someone was shot or killed. Randy has always been deeply regretful for the loss of Officer Hawkins' life, but he played NO part in his killing, and he's NOT responsible for the actions of other people - actions he had no way of preventing, and could not and did not forsee happening.

And thirdly, with regard to his original crime, yes, Randy was charged with injury to a child and he has never lived a day without feeling shame, guilt and remorse for his actions. Over the years he has reflected on everything that happened, and as he has matured and changed, he has been very open and honest about everything to do with that crime...It would have been much easier to remain quiet about it, but Randy chose to be open and candid, and this is to his credit.

There are lessons we can learn in knowing the full background to a person's story, and Randy wrote about it in his memoirs in the hope it might help as many people as possible.

Both Randy, and all of his friends, know that he has committed crimes for which he should be punished, but we cannot say it enough times: Randy has NEVER killed anyone.

Please read on for a full outline of Randy's case...

The friends of Randy E. Halprin

Statement From the Friends of Randy Halprin, 5th October, 2019

On Friday 4th October we received the good news from Randy's attorneys that the CCA had granted a Stay of Execution. The friends and loved ones of Randy Halprin wish to sincerely thank everyone who raised their voices, and supported our fight against a death sentence handed down without the benefit of a fair and unbiased trial. We hope that Randy's case will bring light to other cases where anti-Semitism, bigotry, and racism have been the deciding factors in determining someone's fate.

We still have some way to go in our overall fight for real justice in Randy's case...For now, we are extremely grateful for the outpouring of support, the help of those who fight for death row inmates, and the kindness of strangers who have stood up, seen the real facts, and understood how important it is for all of us to have faith and confidence in the justice system.

Of course none of this would have been possible if it weren't for the hard work, dedication, and diligence of Randy's attorneys - they are true warriors for justice!

Our heartfelt thanks go to each and every one of you!

The friends of Randy E. Halprin

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