Randy Halprin

Randy Halprin
 "We tend to see a person in the moment, not as the journey they travelled to get here."  Kat Lehmann

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14th January, 2020

Update from Randy:* As  many returning visitors to my site (and those properly familiar with my case) will know, my case took an entirely new turn in May of 2019 and  is currently under review at the trial court.

I  received a Stay from the Texas CCA on 4th October, 2019, on the basis  of what my attorneys uncovered about the presiding judge in my trial. This is the principal aspect of my case as it is now, and will remain the primary focus until my case has been reviewed.

At this time, the Law Of Parties is not the leading factor in my case.

As  I've said in a recent journal entry, a lot of misinformation about my  case has done the rounds on social media...If you don't read it here on my website, or from the official Friends of Randy Halprin social media  accounts, then take it with a grain of salt.

Misinformation can be damaging to a person's case, please always check facts before posting.

Thank you.

Randy E. Halprin

*Please visit our 'Law Of Parties' section for more information on this law, and the importance of knowing the difference between the two codes.

Taken in early October, 2019.

This was shortly after Randy received his stay of execution.
Dear Visitor,

We welcome you to this site with open arms!

We would like to make it clear from the outset that Randy does NOT have access to the internet, or to a computer. This is NOT a fan site or a forum in which to ask for legal or financial support, and all decisions and posts regarding this site are made solely by Randy's close friends and supporters.

Over the 16 years Randy has been on death row, many people have visited his website to keep up with his life and how his appeals are progressing. We realise that since his execution date was issued we now have many, many more visitors to the site and we would like to welcome all of you, and thank you for your support. By now, you will all be aware that Randy has received a Stay of Execution (see Statement above) and we are now entering a new phase in our fight.

We will update on developments in Randy's case under the 'Campaign' tab, and we will post as much information as we can as things progress. You can also read an 'Outline' and other important aspects of Randy's case, under the 'Randy's Case' tab.

As well as fighting for Randy's life, the purpose of our work on this site is to bring your attention to Randy's life, as we believe that he deserves another chance. The facts in Randy's case fully support our belief that he is NOT a killer, and should NOT be executed. There is a wealth of information on this website relating to Randy, his life, and his case; in reading about his life as it is now - through his own personal writings - we hope you will come to the same conclusion and share his story with other people.

We realise that some of you will enter Randy's world cynically, and perhaps even condemningly...However, what you will read on this website is a true reflection of the person Randy is today. Reading through his journals and memoirs will show the reader that Randy is not only aware of the mistakes he has made in his life, but that he also takes responsibility for those mistakes - it would be very difficult to fake the type of growth we have seen blossom in Randy, over the last decade or so of his writings.

We ultimately hope that you will leave this site with a clearer understanding of the death penalty and how it's applied. For further information, we have posted a list of links to various organisations with whom you can get involved, and lend your support. You can find this list under the 'News' tab.

As you delve further into this website, please ask yourselves the following question...

"Are any of us exactly the same person we were 20 years ago?"

Please come back and visit for more updates/developments in Randy's case or get in touch with us via Twitter @Of_RandyHalprin or @SAVERANDYHALPR1, or at the email address friendsofrandyhalprin@gmail.com.

We thank you for taking the time to read about Randy.

The friends of Randy E. Halprin

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